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bykestertonm, August 23, 2009
Rokin Gallery
Had high hopes for this module especially with all the positive reviews. Installed it on a clean install of Joomla after having no luck with my development site. Same result .... completely white page.... Several other users in the forums have had a similar result. We have all logged forum requests over the last 2 months with absolutely no replies, even from other users. The community around this product seems to have gone elsewhere..... Such a shame as there is no competitor to this component....
Owner's reply

Sorry you had a bad experience with the support. Because of the amount of messages on the forum I'm not in a position where I can help everybody. I would not be able to breathe if I did so. If you want help other than from the community, either contact me through the contact form or even hire support if it's not fast enough for you likings. But an experience is an experience, thank you for sharing yours. Kind regards Alex Jonk, Pageworks

bykestertonm, June 23, 2009
Multi Sites
I had lots of problems installing this component. ALL OF THEM MY FAULT. Edwin showed incredible patience with many detailed emails to assist me. It turned out that my ISP's implemntation was mostly to blame but Edwin never gave up on me. By far the best support ever provided by and Joomla developer.

Thanks Edwin!
bykestertonm, April 22, 2009
Simple Image Gallery
The application itself works as advertised so much so that I bought the Pro version. The developers however have not implemented the java as well as they could and it conflicts with other java apps. In my case Eventlist calendar popups and Venue select. It has also conflicted with other apps as well... A great shame as I love the functionality and wished it played better with others ;-)
Owner's reply

The PRO version was updated in April 2009 featuring new popup engines (10 in total) to offer more possibilities in the case of a conflict. You are advised to upgrade to v2. The free version will also be updated very soon, so we can add support for the K2 component as well.