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bykeywestindeo, June 28, 2013
I tried every one of the spam protection extensions listed here that were non-commercial. This was the only one that actually worked......Have not had a single registration attempt that was not legitimate. Thanks for the great work.
bykeywestindeo, April 6, 2013
I'm not sure how anyone has been able to use this component. When trying to set up a menu to make it useable there were no menu options available so I was unable to view anything related to this component.
bykeywestindeo, April 5, 2013
Overall the component is well done and I installed it to try it out for a couple of weeks. I would have liked to keep it but..........I am going to be moving on because:

1. There is NO front end editing option. This kills the deal. Events can only be added through the back end. I have many people who need to add their own events and am not going to give them access to the entire back end of the website to do it, nor can I reasonably take the time to add (and remove - see #2 below) everyone's events for them.

2. When a sequence of events is over the listing remains visible until you go into the back end and manually remove it. This may occur with individual events as well, haven't tried that but still, events should be removed automatically when they are over. This makes a lot of extra work and organization that has to be kept track of for the administrator.

These are both fixable issues but have seen not even a whisper of them being forthcoming so will be moving on. Otherwise a reasonable component.
Owner's reply

Hello keywestindeo,

Thanks for your Review!

Before you drop for another extension, as you appreciate many features of iCagenda, I'll give you some answers (which can also be found on the forum) :

1: Submit event in Front-end is currently in developpement, i'm working on it this month! But, with ACL permissions, you can already grant access to iCagenda only, and not all the back-end! (some users of iCagenda are already doing so today, and it's working well. For people who want to know about the configuration, they can post on the forum, the community can help!)

2: You may have not view the option for that! You have it in the params of the menu item, to display only future and today events! ;-)

Note: There are some really good tutorial videos done by Giusebos, from Joomla Italy, and you can learn how to use, configure, and much more about iCagenda!

There's a wishlist/roadmap on the forum, and everything is added here :

I'm sure you will enjoy iCagenda, and don't hesitate to ask question, or request help on the forum! ;-)

Best Regards,

bykeywestindeo, March 31, 2013
Akeeba Release System
Component would not add items for download as it could not recognize the categories.... Also items sometimes loaded and sometimes didn't. Inconsistent and therefore unusable. Even downgraded to test releases but same thing. Rather than continue to probe this product just moving on to something else that is more user friendly.
Owner's reply

I suppose that you configured something wrong. A similar case last week ended up being the user using backslashes instead of forward slashes. I'm quite sure you did a similar misconfiguration.

As a matter of fact, if there were bugs so severe as what you allege how can you explain that ARS is what I'm using on since July 2010 to serve over 8 million (8,000,000) downloads to all of my extensions?

bykeywestindeo, October 13, 2010
KA Facebook Like Box
Tried getting this to work for several weeks. Still dead in the water
Owner's reply

please post in our forum and tell us what problems you having and we will do our best to help you out.