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bykflorida, January 14, 2010
Modules Anywhere
This plugin is great! It should be included in the v1.6 release!

I hate when my client requests a new page with a unique menu in a unique position that requires me to add new code to my template index.php file. Why have to alter all that code for one stinkin' page?

This extension simplifies the entire process. I strongly endorse the download of this plugin!
bykflorida, December 31, 2009
Estate Agent  Improved
If you are looking for a cheap alternative to other Real Estate solutions this is a good choice.

However, if your developer knowledge is somewhat lacking, I warn you that customizing this component is not a quick process. For me it was no problem customizing, however I can see it being a problem for some.

I did not give this a 5 star review because I strongly believe that if you charge for a GPL product, you should only do so when the product is highly polished leaving little work for the paying end-user.

That said, I strongly recommend this product to anyone needing a Real Estate Solution due to it's good Admin section and ease of use once you have it fully customized to your liking.
bykflorida, September 19, 2009
CB Captcha
Before I installed this plugin for CB, I spent 15 minutes every morning blocking spambot IP addresses from accessing my Web site.

No More SpamBots!!! yay! Now I can focus on defending against hackers and real human spammers and not waste time on the cumbersome SpamBots.

This is exactly what you need to not only boost you Google ranking, but to properly label your pages and keep the site name on all pages.

This plugin works with sh404SEF unlike other plugins of this type. All you have to do is disable the meta rewrite option in your sh404sef configuration.

I highly recommend this plugin to all and think Joomla should incorporate it into their core package.

It is very important to be able to manage what users can and cannot style when writing an article, this allows it to happen. Users will no longer make my pages looks sloppy by adding weird fonts and styles.

The spell check feature is also very nice.