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bykgunnell, September 10, 2012
css2switch Basic
I had put some complex coding into my joomla 1.5 to allow me to change the background colour of each menu item selected. The move to 2.5 didn't allow me to do it the same way as the core functionality in this area had changed. Then I found css2switch. This fantastic extension makes it so easy to change the background. I had one small question (my error) which was answered within 2 minutes in the support forum!! I highly recommend this product. Well done to mediahof for a job well done and excellent support! Tausand Dank!!!
bykgunnell, January 19, 2010
Articles Anywhere
This is a fantastic way to include an article in a module position. I have a module with links in it that mimic a menu. This menu needs to change often and the client doesn't need administrator access to change it unlike if they needed to change the module directly. It's brilliant. Well done AGAIN Peter! Keep up the great work!!
Owner's reply

Cool, never though of using it for that purpose :)

bykgunnell, January 12, 2010
Modules Anywhere
My client wanted 2 lines as a title for a menu and thanks to Peters FANTASTIC module I could achieve this. I created a custom module and had my title lines first and then I called my menu module using MODULES ANYWHERE below my text. Unfortunately the CSS didn't carry through but Peter was brilliant in showing me how to resolve this. Just have the same module suffix as the menu suffix in your custom module. Brilliant module and superb support. Thanks Peter!!