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bykili, January 21, 2012
Joo ReCaptcha
Installing was easy and the parameter input is simple to do.
Add your recaptcha keys.
Tick which forms you want to use it with and it just works, Well almost.

I couldent get it to work with the default login module which appears on the left of my website but creating a separate login link to a login page displays the recaptcha just fine.

In my case this was acceptable as the default login module was so far down the screen due to the number of menus I have displayed that a separate login page was more desirable.

I've given it a top rating as one couldn't expect anything less from someone who's taken the time to offer this free to the community.

Well done and thank you
RSform Pro
A very good extension. Does what it says on the tin . Only one problem when it comes to support on anything complicated the support in my case was found wanting. I had a problem with the paypal script connection. Although the paypal script was working correctly and updating after 24 hours and was setting status to denied by default ( If it cant retrieve the status from Paypal it’s default setting is to set backend status to payment denied) I wanted to resolve the issue.
After speaking to RSForm support and giving backend access to my site I was told it was a setting on the server I was hosted with. After going round in circles for days trying to get the technical information to pass on to my host so that they could make any changes to the server to allow the script to communicate with paypal all I got was non technical answers and I felt as if I was in a never ending circle. I eventually gave up and advised the client that they would have to settle for the status as it is and go in to their paypal account and check status manually.

It’s a good extension but in my case it was let down by the lack of clear answers on how the paypal script was communicating with paypal.
For this reason I would suggest if you’re buying it for the Paypal function ask for a trial first so you can check your server can communicate with the Paypal server before purchase.