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I set up a new video-tube and tried many components (free and paid).
I need some special features for my site and with each component I reached early the limits, although some of them cost several hundred dollar.

Just before I completely desperate, I found by chance the HWDMediashare component for joomla, which had every single feature I needed.
And if there is a necessity of a new feature, you can be sure that it will be developed in the future.
There are no more problems with viewing videos on smartphones (even iPhone, which does not support flash media), you can translate everything (even the categories) you need in multilingual sites, sharing with other socialmedia it´s a child´s play, etc.
And the whole package is completed with the best support I ever had.
Whichever problem occurs, you have the guaranty, that somebody will assist you.
I am really amazed, that this team do every effort to satisfy their clients - this is very rare.

Therefore I can highly recommend this open source component.
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
I set up a directories website with several directories and bulks of subcategories.
I tested many menus concerning flexibility, customisation and design ability.

This menu is the leader of accordion menus and meets all requirements at the highest level.

The set up and modifications are done in shortest time.

And if once there are adjustments difficulties, you can be sure, that the very high qualified support finds a solution in very short time.

Highly recommended!!!!