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bykin6slay3r, October 14, 2009
BreadCrumbs Advanced
I had a small issue with certain modules that were not developed to pass breadcrumbs properly. I had also setup my site to take advantage of the full width for body material. This means removing the left and right side bars that would normally harbor my navigation menus. Breadcrumbs was the only way to provide my users the ability to navigate back to the home screen where the menus would again be available.

As stated above certain modules did not pass the proper data to the breadcrumb modules to work correctly so navigation was broken. I emailed the developer to see if he could possibly link the 'Home' within the breadcrumb permanently. Essentially always giving an option for users to return home.

The developer and I exchanged emails until finally it met my exact needs.

Not only does this module work as it should, it does it flawlessly. And if you need a small tweak, this developer is in my opinion, Superior to many others that would have simply shrugged it off!
Thanks again UWIX!!