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bykinwolf, February 12, 2013
I might work in IT, I never knew how easy it is to hack a website these days. A website I built with Joomla got hacked last year, and after much pain restoring it and finding out what happened, I found out it was an automated tool available to anyone and that multiples hacks were implemented in it. So some script kiddie was simply running it(the tool use google to find vulnerable Joomla website).

Now, there is no way I can keep up with new hacks so I tried and installed RSfirewall. Since then, zero successful attack! And I love that it runs a full security diag on the website and tells you what to change/fix. Great support also from the devs when I updated the website to Joomla 2.5. Five stars, although I wish the functionality was built-in joomla. I learned the hard way that a default joomla install it NOT secure and that there are alot of stuff to do to iron it.
bykinwolf, November 7, 2012
I had some initial glitch preventing the script from running, but after reading their forum I found the answers. After that, it ran fine and did the job. Thanks!