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Google Analytics Dashboard
This is a great admin module that does exactly what it's supposed to: display google analytics data in the backend.

I am knocking off a star because there seem to be no way to know if an update was posted beside going to the dev website, downloading the package and checking the version inside. I wish it would integrate in Joomla extension update mechanism.
bykinwolf, October 17, 2014
Community Builder
I am building the website for a small dojo association and was looking for an extension to add custom fields to users profile when they register.(like their sensei name, dojo location, etc) I must say Community Builder made that pretty easy! I got the advanced subscription to support the team and get the whole documentation. After fiddling a bit more with CB, I found out it is a very flexible solution. But with flexibility often comes complexity, so I was glad to see that the documentation was very well written and complete. I found out about the privacy plugin feature for fields and how to add private tabs, etc. All in all, we managed to build very nice profiles for our users, and we are now looking at the other features like private messaging and allowing users to post their own blog and gallery.

What I also truly appreciated is that, while I am no programmer, I suspect CB API is really easy to use because of the amount of extensions that provide a plugin to integrate to CB profiles. CB itself is also pretty stable. I can't speak for 2.0 since it's been out for only a few weeks, but v1.9.1 ran without a hitch without problem.

And finally, the support. I got nothing but praise for it. While sometime I didn't like the answer(like: "This will be fixed in CB 2.0" which was months away back then) they have ALWAYS answered within 24 hours on their forums. The memberships price are not cheap(but you can get the basic extension itself for free), but I am glad I took one as a "thank you" for this great extension. It is unique in it's field right now, and v2.0 fixed the only small annoying things I had to say about it(the registration form and login box were not responsive so it would not display correctly on a tablet or phone. All fixed now). 5 stars
Event Booking
An excellent product! We are using it for our karate events(summer camp, training camp, local championship) and it is extremelly easy to use, and very flexible too. I can easilly set up multi-days events(summer camp), class oriented event(training camp) and free events(local championship). We love it. And I appreciate the reasonable price. Since I am in charge of the website, and built it for free for the dojo, so components I got for it I paid from my own pocket, as such I am doubly appreciative of the price. I had 3 support questions, all were answered quickly and a modification was even made in 2 days to the CB plugin to add a small feature. 6 stars rating :)
bykinwolf, April 25, 2014
Recently tons of spam got through, meaning jcomments kcaptcha was broken by spammers. And even if you install a 3rd party plugin, you can't turn kcaptcha off! It still appears even if you set the permissions right in the config.
If you go on their support forum you will see tons of posts about this, and absolutely no answer. It seems the developer is gone.
bykinwolf, February 12, 2013
I might work in IT, I never knew how easy it is to hack a website these days. A website I built with Joomla got hacked last year, and after much pain restoring it and finding out what happened, I found out it was an automated tool available to anyone and that multiples hacks were implemented in it. So some script kiddie was simply running it(the tool use google to find vulnerable Joomla website).

Now, there is no way I can keep up with new hacks so I tried and installed RSfirewall. Since then, zero successful attack! And I love that it runs a full security diag on the website and tells you what to change/fix. Great support also from the devs when I updated the website to Joomla 2.5. Five stars, although I wish the functionality was built-in joomla. I learned the hard way that a default joomla install it NOT secure and that there are alot of stuff to do to iron it.