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bykipper3d, March 1, 2007
This Hydra project manager looks very promising. They have put some very nice work into it. However, theres a couple of issues that I noticed.

No frontend access. This means you require all users to log into to joomla's backup. Not good idea

Whats the point in having the calendar if your tasks are not tied to it? Who wants to create tasks then turn around and post events for those tasks?
Owner's reply

hi kipper!
You're right with the calendar..pretty useless at the moment :D
Hydra is a huge thing and I can impossibiliy work on everything at a time.

On the roadmap you see that I've promised the task/calendar integration in 0.6.5.
It's not there I know but I'm working on it.

bykipper3d, April 1, 2006
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JCK Editor
The way we work, I develop the pages in xhtml and then I have others maintain that do not know html. They prefer to use one of the WYSIWYG editors, but others editors kept messing with existing code - breaking rollovers etc. But not JoomlaFCK - this is an awesome editor - I am even using it!