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bykishoremnk, May 16, 2014
LMS King
Excellent guys. Good idea to add the Lite version for a Try before you buy. Saved me having to ask for access to the demo site.
This Free lite version seems to have all the features of the commercial Guru component that we've been using. Love the new admin design too. A lot more modern.

Well done.
bykishoremnk, June 26, 2012
Documents Seller
This is very nice and useful extension I used so far. I am very happy with the support from Tuan Pham Ngoc and he gave me first class support.

But I suggested here one new feature that is adding multiple prices for one download product. This feature is missing except this everything is awesome...

Thanks to OS Solutions...
bykishoremnk, September 8, 2011
Art Adminer

First of all thanks for the component, I have installed this component on many of my client sites.

It is working fine on many sites but recently I found that some of the sites are not haveing the art_adminer_settting database along with the component.

I have to execute that SQL part manually. Why is like that?
bykishoremnk, August 3, 2010
MP3 Browser

It seems to me very well but I have two issues.

One is simultaneous play option. When I play two at a time, those two has played at a time. This is not good.

Second is there is no volume control option, It is mandatory in some condition.

If these issues are not, then I will surely gave 5 out of 5.
bykishoremnk, May 25, 2010
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
Hey Thank you very much to make this extension as a Non-commercial version...

It work very charm for me...Demo also very nice.

Thanks again...