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I've looked at all the free ones - JCE is the best open source Joomla Editor out there.

However, that doesn't mean it is an effective, bug-free editor.

* The flash tutorials are great, but very basic.
* Great plug-ins, and lots of control over button layout, and who gets to see them.
* The advanced (member-only, payment required) plug-ins are really nice.
* New Show/Hide HTML link is quick and handy/

Needs Improving:
* Install is fragmented. Follow the note above. (the nice 1.0.4 Flash tutorial has the install order wrong, so it won't help 1.1.0 users)

* Documentation is pitiful.
* Current 1.1.0 version is beta, so don't expect stability.
* This version breaks compatibility with older plug-ins. This really hurts the product, because you are forced to give up useful plug-ins when you upgrade.

TinyMCE -- The Biggest Drawback:
TinyMCE wound up wasting LOTS of time for us in our last two Joomla projects.
* It doesn't predictably handle structured content based on divs and spans.
* It doesn't handle embedded flash or forms.
* It inconsistently applies named styles from your CSS: maybe you get the tag you wanted, or you might get spans or divs. No rhyme or reason.
* In general, TinyMCE likes to clutter up it's HTML, even with the Clean HTML option set.

If the author of JCE can document the project adequately, and get rid of the bugs, he will have half of a great product. Sadly, all that greatness will still be neutralized by the inadequacies of the TinyMCE editor.
Still, JCE is the best WYSIWYG editor that the Joomla community has.

bykismert, November 29, 2006
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Pros -- Powerful, versatile. Some very good code in places.

Cons -- Terse documentation leaves out critical details. Module setup screen is huge and confusing. Inconsistent implementation of menu functionality across the various menu types. dTree menu setup is 'magic': arcane, badly documented, easy to screw up and hard to understand.

Summary -- Extended Menu generates many questions and few answers on the Joomla forums.
* If you are a beginner, and one of the examples is exactly what you want, you have a fair chance of success, unless it is the dTree menu.
* If you are an advanced developer, the cost of modifying the module to get exactly what you want is almost equal to the cost of building it yourself from scratch.
If you are one of the few who can make it work, more power to you. The many who can't should look elsewhere.