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bykjhstuph, October 31, 2013
Content Templater
Saves you a lot of time when you pre build some content templates. Great if you have multiple people editing your site!

NoNumber Support is first rate even for free versions!
This extension is not simply a way for you to change all references of "Dog" to "Cat". It is so much more. With an upgrade to the Pro version, I'm able to use this program as a way to hide content unless you are a subscriber by simply adding a custom tag to my content.
I have found that this program has already replaced at least 4 other extensions.
On top of that, Peter (the developer) is so helpful when it comes to support. He took the time to fix the issue I was having very promptly. It's no wonder that I have purchased subscriptions to 6 of his extensions.
bykjhstuph, October 30, 2013
NoNumber Extension Manager
If you use any of the extensions from NoNumber, or if you are like me use many of them, this extension, by far, is the best way to manage them. Whether you have pro or free versions, this will manage both and install the extensions seamlessly.
bykjhstuph, June 18, 2013
There is nothing I can say that has not already been said. Another outstanding product form NoNumber!
bykjhstuph, January 28, 2012
Facebook Event
While it works, it posts upcoming and past events, which is not customizable. In order to have this feature, you are directed to " put the paid customization request..." per their forums.
Owner's reply

We hope that you have check the existing feature and backend parameter screenshot in existing feature list. We have not mention that you can customize the upcoming and past events then why your are expecting it from the developer to do that in free support?. While we are making our module more customizable and try to updating the feature in next build but it will take time. so if you are in hurry and want to put that feature immediate then obviously you have to pay the customization cost which is done for you only. Its very disappointing for developer to putting the bad review rather discuss in our forum. Please put the review if you feel any issue with the existing functionality, not for your own feature. for other things you can discuss in our forum

bykjhstuph, January 21, 2012
Social Sharing
Easy to setup. It's a long process though at not fault of the company, mostly to do with setting up things for Facebook, Twitter...etc. But detailed, step-by-step instructions are included for each login you choose.
bykjhstuph, May 4, 2009
Include Content Item
It does exactly what it says it does. If you want a plugin that simply adds an article to another article, you've got it in this.

Has some additional features as well and documentation to boot.