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bykjhui11, August 20, 2013
This works like a charm on all my external outbound links including the twitter plugin but not for the facebook social plugin. How can we nofollow the outbound links to facebook as well? I wouldn't mind to contribute to a commercial version if this can be done. Kindly advise, thanks!
bykjhui11, August 8, 2013
HostingRaja Career
Excellent extension to list career options on your own site but there seems to have a cache problem.

When i have cache turned on in global config and have multiple job listing, the page only seems to catches on the first description page load after clicking the apply button. when i go back and click on other job posting, it would still show up as the first job description that was loaded previously.

a refresh does not help. it works fine once i've turned off cache in global config.