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bykkevents, July 8, 2014
Pop any Module
There was a small typo in the documentation so I was having trouble getting it to work. Support answered my ticket in less than one min. and my problem was resolved in less than 5 min. total from time of me putting a ticket in. Amazing support time!
bykkevents, July 8, 2013
FS Browser Compatibility
I did a lot of custom work on my template in FF and everything looked great in chrome and safari, then IE..... it looked Horrible!! I found this and now it looks great again. Good job on this!
bykkevents, December 28, 2011
I can't say enough about this extension. It works wonderfully and is easy to use.

Any problem I have had with this was due to something on facebooks end and not this extension. But that being said the team at source coast and Alex's top notch support is simply the best!

Even if this extension did not live up to its expectations the support alone is worth 1000 times what I paid for. Alex giving me support on Christmas eve, all I can say is wow!

Even if you don't use facebook it's worth buying just to support Source Coast!
bykkevents, October 29, 2011
Jtag Members Directory
Tried to install this on multiple sites and servers, I get a 500 error on joomla 1.5 and looks like there are a lot of typos in the code.

Tried tried it on joomla 1.7 and it doesn't seem be a way to add it to a menu item.

It look like it might be good, but developer needs to fix some error, I look forward to an updated fixed version.
bykkevents, August 30, 2011
The support alone is worth getting EasyDiscuss. All of my questions and support needs have always been adressed with in hours if not minuets.

Easy discuss is simple an easy to use, love this extension for Q&A it seems to be working great!

Another great extension from Stack Ideas!
bykkevents, July 10, 2010
I am new to .htacess and SEF I was very afraid of using SEF as I tried another extension in the past and it was not good.

IT worked right away with very few settings. I did how ever run into some very strange problems about a day later. Everything on the front end worked great but the admin panel login was stuck in a loop. Mostly due to the SSL settings. I changed on setting and it worked again. I also installed it when with my dedicated IP and I think that also caused a problem becuase I had to change from the IP to the domain url. I fought with it for about 2 days with different settings and I discovered that I had another set of files from the old ip and one for my current url. I deleted the old and all seems to work as I was having issues with SSL in the front end not directing properly and "invalid token" issues. Most of my day was spent trying to ID the problem in forums to no avail. Then I discovered the extra files. Now it is all good....So far.

Pros: very easy for someone who really didn't know anything about SEF. Besides the config problems of the right settings it went pretty good.

Cons: Support was prompt in the forums for my issues, but I actually found my answers by trial and error or from another forum minuets before getting a support reply. I am used to more one on one support. So not really a con, just not what I am used to. But they did respond timely.

Bottom Line: I'm not sorry I bought it. I would get it again.
bykkevents, April 22, 2010
Reports for VirtueMart
I have been using this for a while now, and I love it!!! I has only gotten better and you will all see soon why. After talking with the support team about some options I needed they very promptly, as in the next day, made some great changes for me. All these new features will basically let me report my sales to partner companys with no effort on my part, not even a mouse click. Talk about awesome! I used to spend a lot of my valuable time counting up my sales and putting them in the excel to Email them for my reports....No longer! I just sit back and enjoy my day while my store pretty much minds it self. Thank you very much to the Support team at Interamind!
bykkevents, March 15, 2010
Encrypt configuration
The developer was very quick on making a fix for my CB login as it was not compatible at the time I first downloaded it. With in 24 hours a fix was made. works great! I tested it with a packet sniffer and saw my login info go out in the clear with with info with out the plug-in enabled, and with it on it was indeed encrypted! Thanks for the great extension!