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bykkolbo, January 7, 2011
ShareMe PRO
It installed easily. I just uploaded it and turned it on. I picked the buttons I wanted. They worked perfectly. They keep a good count. They also do not get in the way of the JComments or anything else the way others did. The CSS works well.

I am using the compact Pro version. The regular was a bit large for my site.

I like that there is a setting for a light background and a dark background. It makes it more visible with both styles of site.

Limited site buttons supported, but the ones supported are the one I wanted and I wanted the count for the Facebook Like function.

For $10, it was not a bad purchase. I am also using the free Followme and Tweetboard extentions from the same developper so the ten for all three was very reasonable.
Owner's reply

Thanks for making the time to make a Review. If you need a specific sharing service added, just make a feature request on the Support Channels and we can discuss it.

bykkolbo, January 5, 2011
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DPCalendar Lite
This is a good way to use your Google calendars on your Joomla! site. The calendars from Google are not the best looking colors, but that is the breaks.

The install is easy and works great. There is ONE thing. Follow the directions for the install exactly and do each step in order. Do not assume that you know what to do next. Watch the video about the magic key so that you do not have to make your calendars public. If you follow the instructions step by step and don't try doing it your way, it will be ready in ten minutes or less and will work perfectly. I wandered and wasted half an hour wondering what was wrong. I then followed the steps and it suddenly worked great and made sense.

I will be using this to handle my org's calendar needs. Edit on Google and display on my site. Even maps to the events provided by Google.
bykkolbo, January 5, 2011
JW Player Advanced
I needed to add my videos to my Joomla! based site and I use the JW Player for most of my sites. Since I use several plugins for the JW Player, getting them to work within Joomla! was proving to be a headache. JW Player Advanced from JoomlaRulez was the perfect answer.

The player handles all of the plugins I use beautifully and better than I was doing. The code it sends to the sharing plug is great. It installs easily, just upload. There is lots of documentation. My email questions have been answered very quickly.

I have used a lot of plugins and mods for Joomla!, but this one is probably the best written on I have used. The small cost was much less than my time trying to get it all together.