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This is a very handy piece of code for content-rich Websites. It provides a needed function going beyond basic list of new items as displayed by mod_latestnews to give you formatting control via CSS, exact number of chars for heading and intro text, and much more. You can be up and running in 5 minutes or tailor deeply to your needs. Developer seems very committed to enhancement. There are some minor missing things but you won't be sorry you installed this one. Now, where's that donation button?
byklempit, October 18, 2011
ShareMe Compact PRO
We haven't tried to modify the output / formatting of this extension, as it comes pretty close to what we wanted out of the box. No fuss installation and tuning. Recommend if you want to get content sharing going quickly and painlessly. Seems to get regular updating. More than fair value at $10.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a Review, it is really appreciated.

byklempit, August 12, 2010
ActiveHelper LiveHelp
This is a robust multi-agent support/live chat solution which provides very good value for money (small one-time cost vs monthly fee for "industry leading" solutions). Support is responsive and effective too! A strong candidate if you want real-time chat support on a budget. Great stuff!
Modules Anywhere
Wow is this a great extension. It should be a standard part of any Joomla implementation and agree on other posts re inclusion in 1.6. Very good work. Now, where is that donate button?

Highly recommend if you want to be able to put a module's function somewhere other than a module position, like in an article. Or embedded in another module, or... :-)
Include Content Item
We needed a simple way to have an article appear in more than one place on a site without being duplicated. This excellent plugin did exactly that for us. And, since it is able to process other plugins, we are able to include cool slimbox effects we rely on from RokBox. Also, it should be noted, that the developer responded nearly immediately to my query re usage with other plugins (needed to order this one ahead of RokBox in Plugin Manager to make them work together)./ Kudos. Great extension. Worth paying for, too.