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byklox7, July 20, 2013
This is an effective little plugin that I used on many Joomla sites. I can't imagine not installing it. I just miss the option to use it on multilingual websites where "only site name on default page" is not supported for diferent languages.
Auto onPageLoad Popup
A great module that will popup articles, modules or custom html text on page load every X days. Module also supports a "test" option where cookies are not set.

After easy install and configuration I had some problems with other old scripts on my site. I contacted the support and they fixed the problem without questions. Their support is really one of the best and quickest out there.

The only option I miss is to be able to trigger popup with click. But they have another extension for that: Easy popup plugin.
byklox7, May 21, 2013
I was using predecessor of Cobalt which was Mighty Resources and from the start I know I made the right decission. I tried almost any CCK for Joomla and I came to conclusion that MR was better than any other (lot of options, fields, easy templating, developer friendly, great community and great support).

It was no brainer to use Cobalt for my projects when it came out. And it was again the right decision. You can really build anything with it. And with Emerald (their membership extension) integration there are no limits.

The learning curve can be a little bit long but the support is always there for you. And I love that they do regular updates every thursday with new functionalities and improvments.
byklox7, May 21, 2013
I must admit, JG has a lot of potential to be a great component and is on the right track to get there but their support in general is very slow. You could wait up to 1 month to get an answer on their forum. And that's 1 month of money thrown away for me. Also it would be nice to have more developer documentation available. Otherwise it is very easy to setup and use and things are working OK. I miss a couple of little things like assigning different fields for search in component and module, responsive template.
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Admin Tools Professional
Admin Tools are simply great. This component is the first installation on any of my Joomla sites. It can do a lot of work for you and it keeps your site safe. Upgrades are easy and support from guys is quick and valuable. Really a must have!
byklox7, October 22, 2011
Just great words for this component. Easy to install and to configure and it works out of the box! I'm using it for years now.

Feature requests:
-different key's for different users
-option to exclude component from joomla permissions
-if my site is offline I don't want do have input boxes in offline messages to login in frontend. Instead it will be great to have an frontend option to use your key and then you can get access to login.

Owner's reply

Thanks for the suggestions. Feature requests 1 and 3 are really nice and fruitful.
We will plan and try to incorporate these features in the component. Can you please elaborate 2nd feature so that we can start planning over it.

byklox7, October 22, 2011
SJ Mega Menu

I think this is a great module, has a lot of options and support answers are quick. But in the upper description it says it supports ALL browsers. Well it does NOT. IE6 is fully broken and there are no columns in child dropdowns in IE7.

I'm giving this module only 3* because of developers unprofessional attitude. I wrote them about module not working in IE6 and if they can help me because in the description of the module says it works in all browsers. I gave them the link to description and they answered me that I should check again, but in the mean time they changed that description to: Support all browsers (IE7+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Opera). UNPROFESSIONAL!!!
Owner's reply

it's good to know that you consider it as a good module. We are really sorry about the problem you have. We continue improving our modules. Hope that you will support us in the future.