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byklp29, April 15, 2009
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
This is just an excellent component, but where most people would rate it because it's well programmed and the support is fantastic, I'd like to add another perspective:

We've been running a "yellow pages"-style website since 2001, where people in the wedding business of Denmark advertize.

In the recent crisis, it's never been harder to make the shops and vendors pay for advertizing.

Having this alternative (link exchange) it's really a win/win/win situation because THEY get a little free advertizing and WE get a link, ie. better rankings in Google.

But wait....did I say win/win/WIN? Where's the 3rd win? It's here:

Getting people to pay for online advertizing is often hard because no matter what price you offer, people often expect it to be eithe free or very cheap, compared to old media types.

Paying for online advertizing often becomes a barrier for getting new clients, and when we can now offer them a free link-exchange, this payment barrier is gone and when they're on our site, we can THEN start selling them our real advertizing. Then the barrier is gone :)
I bought JV-Contentlinks (and also JV-relatives) for our sites and our sites now have more visitors AND lower bouncerates.

We have quite a large website and because we have, like, "hundreds" of articles with each of our important keywords, Googlebot can easily pick the wrong one as your "best".

This is often referred to as "keyword cannibalism".

JV-contentlinks makes it very easy for you to make the "link juice" flow to the right article, which Google can then easily mark as THE important one.

Also, the support is some of the best I've seen - Vinjay is super!
byklp29, April 13, 2009
I bought JV-relatives (and also JV-contentlinks) for our sites and since then, we've had great results in search engine ranking and our bounce rate has gone donw.


Because these two components makes it visibly very easy for the users to read other parts of the site.

When you're reading one article, JV-relatives shows the users, like, 10 other exciting articles and many people do read on.

This makes your usres happier, Google-bot sees your bouncerate is going down and thus gives you better rankings because you have proved to Google, that your site has great content (if not, the bouncerater would be higher)!

The support for this component is fantastic - Vinjay does a GREAT job and responds in a polite and nice way!
I really support the JV-components and plugins!
byklp29, January 18, 2009
A little more "eyecandy" would make this the best PM solution for Joomla.

The icons / smileys looks like 1995 ;)
Owner's reply

Please report this to the Tango Project and Famfamfam Icons Project.

Both provide free icon sets (GNU license).

The icon sets are quite nice in my opinion and if you do not like them create your own or replace them with another set of your choice.

byklp29, January 18, 2009
How can you NOT love a module like Meta Mod?

At our site, we're quite "agressive" towards showing people banners about registering at our site...... now, with this module, we can stop showing the banners, once they log in!

Super cool!
byklp29, January 15, 2009
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The support has been abandoned for several months now.

Components are full of bugs and there is no support.

If they did work and there was support, they were still overpriced in my oppinion.

Also, be aware that I bought the expensive Parainvite Pro, just to find out that I ALSO had to buy the basic version for it to work - that is seriously misleading to clients.

I spent a LOT of money on his products, but I really regret to have done so.
Owner's reply

Did you contact me at all? How can you claim that there was no support (FOR MONTHS) when you had not contacted me?

PLUS! It is stated VERY clearly on the product description page that the Pro package is an *add-on*, and that the standard package is required. What is misleading?