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bykmbarm77, October 31, 2013
Intranet Attendance Track
I am writing this post to recommend the use of this component intranet. Perfect for the management of small, medium-sized businesses. Attendance management system with approval from the responsible group. Conversion of requests in pdf files, easy management and control of employees. Ability for employees to check 'always and at every moment of their vacation plan and additional hours of overtime.
bykmbarm77, June 13, 2013
I want to thank the staff of jomdirectory. I purchased the component that I put in my company's intranet and I had so much success. In addition to congratulate for the excellent work in the development of the component, I want to thank the staff for the changes and the changes that have allowed me to customize the component to make it suitable to my needs. Thank you. Diego
bykmbarm77, March 19, 2013
Multi Calendar
I purchased the component Multi Calendar .... money well spent ... I am very happy the efficiency of the component but above all of the support that was given to me. Great component. I suggest buying. Good job.