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bykmfabercreative, April 13, 2012
ACL Manager
Only 5 stars? It should be 10!

Not only does ACL Manager make managing the sometimes complex Joomla! ACL a breeze, the developer (Sander) is amazingly fast and fantastic with his support.

We use Zoo / Widgetkit frequently, and there was an issue with the components not showing up in ACL Manager for basic access control (Yootheme has not built any part of the Joomla! ACL into their component on the administration side, besides access levels per category / item, which is terrible) and Sander replied within 20 minutes of a support ticket asking how to work it out.

So this component is great for three reasons:

1. It gives you a great view of Joomla! ACL and management of ACL

2. It now allows access control on components that don't even support it out of the box!

3. Sander is a swell guy with a keen sense for customer satisfaction.

If you're looking for a great component and satisfaction with that component, then I strongly suggest this one.

Cheers mate!
bykmfabercreative, January 20, 2011
JCal Pro
I've used this component many times for various clients of ours, and it's always worked out pretty well.

- Comprehensive administration
- Nice layouts [and relatively easy to customize also]
- Good selection of modules

I will say that for those who are submitting complaints about bugs that are actually feature requests, I would not pay heed to their comments, statements, or ignorance.

The point is, you paid for something that has features at that given time. Just because something doesn't have one particular, and in some cases, very small item [such as a "Location" field - have you thought about putting the location in the description field???], that does not mean that their product is not functioning correctly, or is buggy [same difference]. That just means that you should:

1. Request the feature
2. Get support for the feature or offer to hire them to mod their component to your needs
3. Do it yourself if it's so easy to add to the component

Overall, great functioning component, and I would recommend time and again to others looking for a comprehensive, Joomla! based calendar.