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bykmorgan221, November 21, 2009
I'm surprised at the few negative reviews here for JFusion. I am NOT a professional web designer/developer, I simply volunteer for some of my kids' programs to do their websites for them and my own podcast sites.

I was already using Joomla! as my CMS for these sites, but when we wanted to add a forum to one of the sites, the native Joomla! extensions didn't seem right for me, I kept wanting to use phpBB3. When I discovered JFusion I knew it was time to get it set up.

With a little help from Google I was able to get JFusion up and running and had phpBB3 and Joomla's user accounts synced, and was getting logged into both. Encouraged I tried it with Gallery2 with the same success. So now I have a Joomla! website with both phpBB3 and Gallery2 integrated into it using JFusion and all three are working perfectly.

The one thing I'd like to do, and I've seen references to this but I can't find the plugin for it, is the Universal Frameless integration. I have a few websites that I'd like to use in my Joomla! site but I really don't like the standard Wrapper as it uses frames. Once JFusion's Universal Framelss is released (if it's not already) I'll be quick to get that set up.

I need to say again, I DO NOT do this for a living and found it incredibly easy to get configured and working. Thanks for a great solution to integration.