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byknoxbury, September 5, 2012
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Ninja RSS Syndicator
By far the best RSS syndicator! Would be great if this simple functionality had been built into Joomla 2.5 by default, but this is much easier to use than the default functionality. And this ext does work for 2.5 now.
byknoxbury, December 22, 2010
This extension is ok for old mobile browsers, but doesn't add anything to current mobile browsers such as those found on iPhone and Android. The extensions doesn't work at all on iPhone (there is no menu displayed) and even if the menu worked, the full site is better on these newer phones than the mobile site.
Owner's reply

Hi there, MJ! should display out-of-the box on every device, especially new ones. Please do communicate us on our Forums so that we can try to help you.

byknoxbury, December 3, 2008
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This extension will allow for a VERY SIMPLE cart setup, but there aren't many options for customizing and the product format is not standardized.

When you add a product to this cart, you will only add product number, name and price (and product options like size if needed). But there is no place for product description, product image or additional fields. You still have to manually add details like this to the product page you need to build.

And in addition to the limited functionality, the install requires an unzipping of the main package (no where mentioned in the instructions) and the help files are weak. Also, there are no products to "buy" on the demo site which makes it hard to demo.

This cart is also buggy. I have entered a product, but the cart software can't find the product. Also, I clicked the continue shopping button and it took me to an error page. Again, if you can't find anything else, this may do the trick, but if you have more than a few products or want more functionality, look elsewhere.