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bykoffiemoc, February 4, 2012
I've tried SimpleCaddy (v1.75) in combination with Phoca Gallery (3.1.0) on Joomla (2.5) this last week and decided to keep working with it. It's a simple and manageable solution perfectly fitted for the problem I had. I wanted to set up a portfolio of my wife's drawings, paintings etc, as a photo gallery, with a possibility to buy something. SG does exactly that: it adds an "add to basket" button to the images, and provides a simple checkout procedure with an email as confirmation or invoice, and paypal (which I decided not to use right now, but maybe later).

The software has got a few flaws. The order total costs are in the email displayed including the shipping costs. In the SC component on the back end the total costs are lower, excluding the shipping costs. That's odd. You can't grant rights to e.g. the 'manager' user group on the caddy component using the admin interface.

It's true you shouldn't set up a website without proper knowledge of html and css. You need it to give the SC elements a nice look, as it's basic text and a button by itself. To work your way around the flaws one needs more. I'm in a lucky position being a software developer. Though I don't know much about PHP I could repair some of the unwanted behavior. Others might need the help of the forum or the developers, or live with some odd characteristics.

It's a very basic, simple and manageable solution for a website with some very basic, simple e-commerce. If that suits you, try it. It helps me out a great deal (imagine the work I don't have to do now that I can use SimpleCaddy). It can be improved though, even within these limits, so i'll score it a 4 out of 5.
Owner's reply

Please keep in mind that the version of SC used here was NOT made for J2.5 and does not take advantage of all the extra stuff from J2.5.
Improvements are always possible, everyone is encouraged to share his or her ideas for improvement as has been done over the last few years.