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bykokujin, October 9, 2012
Excellent component. Thank you Developer!

I had to export/import quite a bit of articles, including categories from one of my old sites to a new one and this component really worked perfectly.

It even imported the images to the new website server.

One of the best components I've come across.

BIG Thank you!
bykokujin, October 3, 2012
JV News
I'm extremely satisfied with this module. I wanted something simple to display my articles from a specific category in a great looking way.

Most of the modules available are way too feature rich.

This module was just perfect. It had all the configuration settings I needed and displayed the articles in module position perfectly!

Very Happy I found this gem. It's a really great module for any Joomla site with great configuration features!

Thank you developer sir!
Phoca Gallery
The Gallery is really good but..

There is no way to disable the Powered by phoca link. And it links to 2 different URLS's - One for each word "Phoca" "Gallery" ( Author gets 2 links from your site )

Why is this not mentioned in the Extensions description that there is a forced link?

You should mention it.
Owner's reply

Hi, I am sorry, but you are not reviewing features of Phoca Gallery.

I have never seen such information for e.g. Joomla! itself? There is powered by Joomla! in footer and I saw no "review" on this fact?

If you don't like "Joomla!" or "Phoca" then please don't use it :-( but if you want to do review, please make some useful review which can help other people to get some useful information. :-(

I am driving an old Volkswagen but didn't call to Wolfsburg to tell them, the car is bad, because it has "VW" sign included???

I have never write bad review on Windows, because its logo is displayed on my copmuter and I have bought this software (better not to mention software I have downloaded for free like Suse Linux)???

Please use right information. There is no forced link and never was in Phoca ... You are not forced to use it. Phoca community does not force anybody to use it. If you know what freedom means, your freedom was not, is not and will be not violated by anybody who developed Phoca extension. :-( :-(

If you have some useful tips or info, will be great to know them - just visit Phoca Forum, it is open to every idea.

Thank you,


You've seriously saved the day!

I've tried a lot of components here. This one worked perfectly and I could actually understand it.

Basically all I wanted on my Joomla 1.5 website was the ability to create sub-categories within categories.

I didn't want to upgrade or use the sections.

This component did the trick. I had this up and running within 5 minutes.

I had spent hours on other components which were way over my head. I finally found this Gem that really saved my day and endless hours.

Take my hats off to you for developing this excellent component.

Thank you very much!
Pretty good. Almost what i needed, it does exactly what I need actually but unfortunately I'm unable to exclude certain categories :(

Thank you anyways
Owner's reply

Hallo kokujin,

thanks for your review.
The Problem with the Categories should be solved in the new Version (1.3).

bykokujin, March 19, 2012
Marco's SQL Injection
I've used this on several of my websites. It's really good, easy to install and helps me sleep better at night knowing i got some protection on my websites. A must have for any serious Joomla webmaster!

Thank you Marco!
bykokujin, March 19, 2012
Login Protector
Perfect! I needed something to monitor my backend login. This was exactly what i needed. Thank you
bykokujin, March 18, 2012
Articles Anywhere
It does everything it say's and 100 times even better! I've used a few extensions from this developer. They never fail. Certainly one of the best developers for Joomla extensions in my book. Very happy with this extension and i will use it on all my websites.

You guys really do make some really great, amazingly useful extensions for Joomla.

Please keep up the great works!

Thank you very much.
bykokujin, January 6, 2012
Very nice plugin does exactly what it says. Thank you
bykokujin, January 5, 2012
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Fancy Image Transition
Nice effects but a clearly visible backlink is visible right under the slide. I'm sure most people are not going to like that. No settings to remove it in module.

Author should have mentioned it in the description. "Contains a CLEAR backlink"
bykokujin, November 22, 2011

Just used it on my Joomla 1.7 website with the BETA Release. It's excellent and not complicated like the other ones.

Please keep up the excellent development.

I looked through many extensions here that could do what i needed and although i found some that met my purpose and requirements, they contained forced links and i was very disappointed as it was not noted in the extensions description.

I finally stumbled across showplus after hours of searching.

It was very easy to setup! It does not contain any sneaky hidden links and it 100% met my requirements.

100% Perfect and HUGE Thank you for the developer!
bykokujin, September 30, 2011
Shape 5 Text Ticker
I searched high and low for a decent text fader and this one finally did the trick!

It worked really well and the CSS was easy to adjust. very simple and easy to use.

Thank you!
bykokujin, September 26, 2011
Simple Spotlight
Fantastic! Had this installed and running pretty much instantly.

Excellent transitions effects and easy to use. The best part was we could upload and add images directly from the module settings.

I've never seen that in other modules we used as they called images off a specific folder. Therefore your module is much easier to customize and setup i guess.

Anyways Thanks very much! Sweet job you did here.
bykokujin, September 24, 2011
LV Enhanced Image Silder
Just 1 word. Truly Excellent!

I added this to my favorites. I installed this module and it worked like a charm right off the bat!

Kudos to the dev team making this great slideshow module. LOVE IT! THANK YOU
bykokujin, September 10, 2011
Wow I'm stumped! This is surely going into my favorite list of plugins.

I had this installed on my clients website. i loved the picture display and so did my clients!

It's so easy to install and setup. The layout display is fantastic. Adding/removing images is a breeze through the image media manager!

Thank you Developer! You've done an absolutely fantastic job with this sleek, lightweight image gallery plugin.
bykokujin, July 4, 2011
Hi Dear Developer.

I just used this on a clients website. Thanks very much for the clear instructions. Setting this up was very easy and the module offer lot's of features to customize the effects.

Perfect Rating! Thank you
bykokujin, June 29, 2011

To the developer we are very happy with your shopping component. We used this on Joomla 1.6 website and it is very easy to install and setup.

We can also easily update the css styling to match with our website so this is all very nice.

I give you 5 stars and we are sooo very satisfied!

I do have 1 small note though, we could not make the urls for the categories and products SEO friendly.


I really wish this was possible :D

Apart from that truly excellent!
Thank you
Owner's reply

Thanks fopr Voting ..
we can not understand what problem you have with

the SEO Links can be done without any problems ...
We tested it and it works fine.

Best wishes and good luck in selling :-)

bykokujin, June 26, 2011
AJAX toggler
Just installed this, working on my site tonight and adding several extensions. I love this! My Admin area is now blazing fast with updates. Many Thanks for this Ajax plugin

Full Stars AAAAAAAA ++++++++++++++++++++
bykokujin, June 26, 2011
Admin Bar Unlocker
Works like a charm! Does exactly what it says. Thanks very much
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