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bykokujin, June 26, 2011
Artof Editor
2 Words. Absolutely Awesome!!

Thank you for this lovely editor. Just a plugin, no components and stuff. Nice and Lightweight and works great errr.... instantly!

Advanced Module Manager

After spending days trying to figure out how to activate a module to an external menu link to no avail, I stumbled upon this lovely extension.

Downloaded, Installed and working in 5 minutes!

Seriously a very BIG BIG THANK YOU to the developer.

This is one great awesome extension that I have added to my favorites.
bykokujin, May 26, 2011
Fantastic!!! AdminExile helped me secure my administrator URL.

Easy to install and activate without any fuss.

Highly recommended. Thank you Developer
bykokujin, May 6, 2011
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I recommended RSMembership to a client of mine. I'm sure glad I did. We had so much trouble with previous extensions, I decided to give this one a shot.

Everything went very smooth from the start. It was very easy to install and setup. I had some questions in which I submitted some support tickets and was very promptly replied to with clear details on how to solve any issues.

I would specially like to Thank Andrei Cristea from RSMembership! The support given was absolutely great! I was very impressed and they did everything in their powers to make this properly work for us. I seriously couldn't ask for anything more.

I highly recommend this component to anyone thinking about using a subscription membership on there Joomla website.

We are 100% Satisfied customers and we will definitely consider RS Joomla for any other extensions we may need in the future.

Thank you RS Joomla team!
bykokujin, March 25, 2011
This Gallery is awesome! Lot's of great features and it's really easy to install and start using.

It also comes with many great Modules and Plugins to further enhance the experience on your Joomla site!

It pretty much has everything we needed and worked perfectly right out the box! We love it!!

Thank you
bykokujin, March 22, 2011
Account Expiration Control
I download and use extensions for JED pretty much on a daily basis so I understand how to properly install and setup components on our Joomla sites.

AEC gets a thumbs down from me. I won't go into full details but it just did not work for us, too many bugs and issues that we gave up!

We just had to find another payment solution so we ended up trying RSmembership and it worked sweet without any issues!

The developers blog is also pretty useless. Instead of actually explaining problems, bug fixes and new features which I believe they were doing in the beginning, now they dedicate more time to simply rant about complaints with other customers and problems.

This does not help at all when you seek assistance nor does it look professional IMO.

They expect you to email them and when no support is forth coming for days on end, they say your email must have got lost somewhere!

When you pay for something, you expect it to work out of the box - Something the developer always say's is not the case here. Well we have used hundreds of extensions here on JED and most actually do work out of the box, even the free ones.

Personally I do not recommend this extension. It might work for other but for us, it was a total waste of time, money and just banging our head.

Advise to developers, stop arguing and whining with your customers on your blog and actually get problems solved. If you can do that, we'll come back and give you 5star ratings!

Till than, oh well..
Owner's reply

Too bad that you didn't go into details, because of that, it's hard to make out what your issues were. Had you included them, others might have been able to make up their mind on AEC based on your review, but now they kind of have to decide whether they rather believe what you write or what I reply to it.

My blog is a personal blog and yes, it does include frustration with clients. I do not write those articles to rant about customers and I think if you read it again, you will see what I mean - I even explained very clearly that I was adressing a very small number of people, not because I want a fight with them, but because I think a lot of the problems that come up stem from some simple misunderstandings that I would like to get out of the way.

I'm also not sure what you mean that the blog isn't helpful when you seek assistance - that's really not what a blog is for, which is why I'm sorry to see you not even mentioning the support, manual, faq or forums. After all - those are what we have in store for helping you out. And no, we do not expect you to email us. I'm not sure where you have that from - we make it very clear that the place to get support is our support ticket system. I will try to work on making that a little more obvious.

Yes, I do say that for some cases, AEC does not work out of the box - that's just the way it is and it would be disengenuious of me to say the opposite. If another software solved your problem for you right away then I'm happy that it worked out for you. But please don't blame it on us because there are a lot of other users who do have the same experience - with AEC.

Whether any software package works out of the box for you mostly relies on how long that software has been developed for sites similar to yours. You went with RSMembership, so I would guess (again, cannot do much more than guessing here) that you needed some built in (file) access management, which is the biggest difference. In AEC, we try to do as little of that as possible because there are other extensions that are so much better at it and we don't try to be like them - just to integrate with them very well. Now, if you NEED direct management of access controls then yes, AEC will look like an incomplete package to you. But it's really more a question of your own focus and not so much of the software itself - because in both cases, the two packages have good reasons to be what they are.

Membership software is not a simple thing - it has to sit very much inbetween a lot of other packages and mediate efforts between them. It's not like a forum that you just install and that either has the featureset you need or not. In a forum, you might have problems like "does it allow me to send personal messages to other users" and it would either do it or not (and you'd probably know in advance). In Membership software, you have problems like "does it allow me to grant a user access in this document management software that I use to offer premium downloads", which is an issue that cuts through several layers.

What I'm trying to say here is: I can absolutely see why you say that you were surprised that after installing a lot of other components, AEC is the first one that didn't do what you wanted right away. It's very much about what you want to do that determines how simple it is to achieve, but it's by far not as simple as "it either does it or not". Again - I'm sorry, but it just isn't.

You conclude that AEC was a waste of time and money but I don't even know whether you contacted our support at all. That might have saved you some time because we could have either helped you right away, or told you that what you want to do is not possible in AEC and would have recommended you another component to do it or given you a refund.

I really do not want to belittle your efforts and that you spent a lot time trying, I just don't get why you didn't have this conversation with us right away. I also do not rememeber having told anybody that their email got lost recently, but this review has been published 18 days after it was filed, so it might just be that I forgot.

bykokujin, February 18, 2011
Joo ReCaptcha
You know I just couldn't be happier. This worked straight out of the box. Very easy, does exactly what it says's.

bykokujin, October 7, 2010
PHP Image Editor Lite Joomla
Wow this was great! I just installed it now and gave it a run. Awesome. Just love it.

Some great editing abilities from the media manager for your images.

Great work!!! THANK YOU
Event Booking

I asked my client to buy this extension as it looked very promising from the reviews here and from the demo site.

While I was started working on the site, I had some issues come up with this component. I immediately got on the joomdonation forum where I could find the developers ( Tuan ) Skype ID.

I got on Skype and I was so lucky that Tuan was online as well. He immediately sent me the updated files and all my questions and troubles were sorted out instantly!!

I can't Thank Tuan enough, this is what I call first class customer service and I will in no doubt be recommending Joomla Extensions from JOOMDONATION.

Tuan Thank you so much again!
You've just earned a client for life!

Vincent / FIJINET
bykokujin, August 18, 2010
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Very happy with this. Something that finally Worked!

I tried so many Captchas and nothing worked but this one worked straight as soon as I installed it!

It was a breeze! You saved the day and now my spam is gone!!

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!
Owner's reply

Thank you too for the nice review! Have fun and NO spam. :-)

bykokujin, July 18, 2010
I just got this component yesterday and installed it on my site. It worked perfect straight out of the box. Very easy and simple to configure and you won't have any troubles with this.

I used the default template and it looked great on my site. I love the Tags feature! Truly well worth it!

I had several questions and Ross from JaggyBlog had replied with perfect answers I was trying to find within an hour.

Great service, Great blog component = Happy Joomla Customer

Thanks very much again!
bykokujin, July 11, 2010
Admiror Gallery
Great gallery. Easy to install and setup. I needed to add about 20 images on each page ( on about 30 pages ). This plugin made the job so easy and simple!

Love the themes! Decided to use the 'Artistic' version!

Could not get images to load in light box though, don't know why, probably some issue on my end.

Thanks a lot!
bykokujin, June 24, 2010
Yasu Chrysovalantis !

This plugin is excellent. Just installed it yesterday on our site, it works really well without any conflicts/issues.

Looks very nice especially the rounded border.
Hhave tried other ones before, this one is surely the best!! :)))

Thank you very much for developing this and greeting to you in beautiful Greece!!
Owner's reply

Yasu kokujin! Thank you so much for the vote and the kind words! Greetings to you too :)

bykokujin, June 1, 2010
Add to Menu
I have been looking for this feature in J1.5.
Thanks so much!!

This Admin module makes it very easy to link your Articles to any Menu while creating the Article itself. ( without going to Menu Manager ).

Save a good deal of time!

Many Thanks :)
bykokujin, May 27, 2010
Simple Redirect
This is an EXCELLENT Plugin. It works Perfect just like you said in the description!

Very EASY to use.

Thank you very much!!
Owner's reply

Glad to hear it.
Thank you!

bykokujin, February 25, 2010
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Very happy user here. Being the first review for this Component, I was a bit skeptical to download and try it but hey! I worked PERFECTLY!!

I was able to migrate all my Wordpress Content Posts into Joomla in a few Seconds!

Thank you so much!!
bykokujin, January 22, 2010
Pay by Paypal
I say it in one sentence.


bykokujin, December 29, 2009
Great Job RT Guys! This cart is fantastic. I was able to mod it a bit to have multiple Categories. Very easy to use and looks great!

bykokujin, December 29, 2009
Let me just sum it up in one sentence.
Simply the Best Joomla Article Image Plugin in my Book! Ability to make configurations to suit your needs is superb!

bykokujin, October 15, 2009
Dropdown Articles
Thank you very much MR Developer :-)

Exactly what I was looking for and it works like a charm!

Great Module. Simple and Easy to use!
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