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I am a developer and have used Virtuemart on my clients sites about a hundred times. Yes 100.

I have nothing but praise for this extension. It is feature ric, easy to install and setup and works with all Joomla versions that I know off.

I speak from solid experience using this.
Thank you!
OSE Google Wallet for VirtueMart
EXCELLENT!! Just Excellent! You don't know how happy we are using this Google Checkout module for Virtuemart. We had purchased another one from a different company and we had nothing but trouble after trouble and totally slack service.

So we found this Open Source VirtueMart Google Checkout LUCKILY!!

All I have for this is absolute praise. I'm over the moon because the install and setup went so easy, a baby could do it. No Glitches or Bugs!, No Code Hacks! No Messing with your Database! This module is just totally perfect and so easy to install and setup!

I had this installed and running within 5 minutes. It install just like any component in your Joomla backend. Its just too easy! The instructions are amazingly clear made for real people, not coders!

But the BEST part of all was Helix from Open Source Excellence. We sent him an initial inquiry and got a reply within 3 hours. we bought the module and he was always there to assist us round the clock if we ever had any problems.

Now that's what I call Service! And you can use this on unlimited sites, you are not restricted to license issues like 1 license per site or anything like that and not to mention having to bang your head with invalid license notices all the time which other sellers have.

Once again, Nothing but praise!! If you want Google Checkout on your Virtuemart.
Buy this module from Open Source Excellence and you will have a very happy day indeed!

Thank you
bykokujin, June 27, 2009
This plugin is 100% fantastic. Worked first time out of box. Using it for external PHP forms embedded in content article. No errors, No Issues!

Love this plugin! Thank you very much!!!
bykokujin, March 18, 2009
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Just Awesome!!
For ages I have been manually adding Google Anylitics code to my Joomla sites. I just never had much luck with those modules out there.

And along comes this beauty, just what I needed. A Google Anylitics Plugin !

Installed and running in about mmmm.. 2 Minutes !
Yes 2 Minutes!

Thank you very much!!
bykokujin, March 1, 2009
I was upgrading a clients site from 1.0 to 1.5 and found this plugin was used on the 1.0 site with several hundred links.

Thank goodness there was a 1.5 compatible version.
I simply uploaded and activated it, and all the links started working perfectly again.

So I discovered this plugin by chance.
Very nice indeed !
bykokujin, February 22, 2009
Very easy to install and highly configurable!
This text scroller modules needs to be used with the plugin also provided by the developer.

Simply install both and puclish your plugin and module. Go to module and set your text and publish.

Very easy and looks great on the website.
Thank you veru much!!
bykokujin, February 10, 2009
This Component is really tops !
Works really great, the Developers have put alot of time into this extension, Just have a look at the Component panel from Admin.

Works really great and its really got neat icons and lots of features and settings. If you have a community website, this one is definately for you !!!
bykokujin, February 9, 2009
JSP AddThis
This module works great. Hard to find Addthis modules around, all Addthis stuff on here are mostly plugins so this did the trick!

bykokujin, November 22, 2008

Guys and Gals if you are building a site with many pages or even several Joomla sites, you really dont want to place all your time adding Adsense code page by page into content.

( unless you have a pretty decent template with lots of module slots everywhere, you could use a module )

This plugin was simple to install and setup. 3 Minutes total! and the adsense ads go right in my content body.

So much time has been saved, it does exactly what is says.
A BIG Thanks to the developers!
bykokujin, November 17, 2008
Featured Items
This module is perfect. I can control the amount of text to display in the module which was very important for me, this module did just that.

Very simple and easy to setup.
To the Developer, a BIG Thank you!!
bykokujin, September 1, 2008
Have used these multiple times on my Joomla 1.0 and 1.5 websites. Everytime installs and works like a breeze.

Has good configuration options as well plus a link to your Google Sitemap to help with your SEO.

A Big Thank you to the developers of this component.
Great Component without the bugs!

Thank you
Google Maps by Reumer
This is an excellent Plugin. Worked right out of the box first time !! - Very clear instructions and perfect Google mapping on your Joomla site. If you need Google maps, this one most likely will do the trick for you. Many Thanks to the Developers of this fine Plugin
bykokujin, January 9, 2008
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This is a fantastic component. Downloaded and Installed it, worked first time perfectly just what i wanted and much more without any issues. Thank you to the development team of this component. AAA+++++
bykokujin, November 18, 2007
After trying out several editors here. I was loosing hope as many would not work on cross browsers ( IE and Firefox ) until i came along this little genie. Installed the component and mambot and tested it on both IE and Firefox.

Works like a charm !
Thank you for saving my day!
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