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bykostas160, October 22, 2012
Every category here in JED has an extension that is above others. In this category it's Payplans... plain and simple. It is also much better than its 2-3 main "rivals" in here.

It might be more expensive than others, but thats only because it can do so much more, while its very simple to use. And it keeps evolving at an amazing pace.

For people that are not sure about creating membership websites, i would suggest playing aroung with some of the cheaper or free extensions in here and find out if that works for them.

However, for those that are 100% serious about making money from their website, payplans is the way to go.
bykostas160, July 13, 2012
Dinamod Tab Modules
This extension displays tabs in a nice and very configurable way.

However i'm giving 3 stars because the content of tabs (e.g. modules) either load very slowly after all the rest of the page has loaded, or sometimes don't load at all.

I've used the extension in 4 different Joomla sites on 2 different servers and all have the same problem.
bykostas160, April 2, 2012
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iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
This extension is no1 faq extension and slider content extension in my book... and i tried about 5-6 similar products in this category, 2 of them being commercial ones.

Reasons of MooFaq being so good are:
1) Its stable and works with all browsers without any issues
2) It doesnt conflict with other Mootools, Jquery extensions on site
3) Compatible with other Joomla extensions, especially content plugins
4) Many features like, selecting which tabs expand, tabs in categories etc
5) Many Templates
6) Great Support from Douglas

Well done!