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bykparadis, August 19, 2009
Akeeba Backup
I had created our new site on a different server so we we wouldn't interrupt the live site and because the PreviewDns in GoDaddy wouldn't let me see some of the really cool Yootools we were using. I figured I'd just have to do a lot of manual tweaking when it came time to make things live. I had used a different content mover in the past, but it only moved articles/categories/sections (great too, but not exactly what I needed). I found this, took a deep breath and installed it and within a half-hour, it was all moved over. I'm a web designer, not a programmer and I confess I didn't really read much of the PDF documentation - I just went for it, and it worked.Thanks so much for making me look good in front of the boss. :)