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bykram08980, December 9, 2009
Thanks for sharing this component. It's a great tool to develop the must-be contact form. Specially allowing to apply it into an article. The default forms will usually be enough for most projects, and I think it respects the designers work with CSS improvements.

I just can think in two things to improve it;
- Sepparated lenguage files to translate it when needed (and of course send it to algis).
- A kind of tutorial creating from zero a new form.

I'm sorry if this is done, I haven't seen it.
bykram08980, October 17, 2009
Once you know how to use it, it works perfect. I'm using it for a roller hockey club which has 15 teams, and it rocks. People gives nice support throught the forum. I'm also waiting for 1.5 native.

The only issue I think it should be developed is around design and CSS connections of some components.