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bykray, November 5, 2012
ANYBODY could get VM1 up and running quickly and easily.

VM2 is a HORRIBLE product. There are many issues with product, dealing with options that most people want to use.

If you want product variants (IE colors, sizes) for your shop, go look at the 12 page thread on their forums where virtually NOBODY can get this working correctly and there has been NO response from the VM team at all.

Unless you want a lot of hassle and a ton of extra work, find an alternative.

So sad.
Owner's reply

Re Horrible product!

Virtuemart offers variations via custom fields, which once worked out how to use, are very broad in what they offer.

We are really sorry you are having such problems with Custom fields, however this does not make the whole product, but is a small element.

Many community members have created excellent youtube videos addressing custom fields, as there are so many options it would be a 1000 page document just to see all the possible permutations.

Please revisit the custom fields with a different eye, and maybe view a couple of the many free youtube videos made by people who help support VirtueMart, I am sure that once you have that eureka over what custom fields offer, you will say wow to yourself.

bykray, January 20, 2012
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When you purchase, you are asked to give a URL. I gave the URL I was testing the software on thinking I would simply change it later, as this has never been an issue with any other software company I have dealt with.

But because the software didn't work and I asked for support, they would not let me transfer the support licence to the correct domain less than 2 weeks after my purchase.

They claim they can't switch the domain because it would cause abuse on their ticket system with unsupported domains, which is a load of crap because they still only have one URL to support if they changed it, and would no longer be obligated to provide support to the old URL.

I just got the final site from my programmer and now can't even use the software I purchased for it. They want me to purchase another licence despite it being blatantly obvious that I am not running it on the other domain and not wanting any further support for it. Not to mention that the support they did provide didn't even fix the problem.

The only help provided was pretty much 'turn on caching', 'clear caches' and 'flush caches'. They never visited my site or provided in depth support on anything. They spent more time defending their policy than it would have taken to change the URL and get the problem fixed.
Owner's reply

It is understandable that we would not make any effort to fix the issue on a domain that did not have an active license. For information regarding what we do and do not support, please refer to our TOS ( ).

We provide support a development site for each license but the two sites for which support was requested were completely different and did not appear remotely related in design, naming, URLs, or content. Our policy is to not change the "Supported site URL" after it has been supported because a user could then change the site every time they wanted support on a new domain and we might end up supporting several websites per license. Our products' prices are calculated knowing that we will be supporting one installation per license.

You said in your ticket that you were having the same issue on both of the sites you requested support on. Since one of them has an active subscription, we could fix the issue on that site and you could fix it on the other site if you wish to not purchase another license.

I believe most of the issue comes from the statement "I gave the URL I was testing the software on thinking I would simply change it later" which is something we do not do. This is why we encourage any prospective user to familiarize themselves with our aforementioned TOS and ask any pre-sales questions they may have.

If you need anything else, have any questions, or would like us to look into your initial technical issue, let us know.

Kindest regards,
Andy Poorman

bykray, August 21, 2010
AJAX Register
As with SEF Advance, this is a well thought out and executed extension. Have not required support yet, but I'm sure if I do, it will be excellent as always.
bykray, July 27, 2010
Download didn't work. Can't unzip the file and Joomla does not recognize the file. There is no contact information on the site, and none of it's in English.

The JED should really start screening what gets posted. If you don't have documentation or contact for customers to get ahold of you, you should not be allowed to post.
Owner's reply

Thanks for review. All suggestions are accepted. Now you can contact me.

bykray, July 18, 2010
Freestyle Support
Live Chat for support these days is HUGE. Even if it only connects with IM like MSN or GTalk.

Other than no live support, this component is fantastic and full featured. Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review! :-) just to let you know we are currently developing a live chat for support module as we speak! so keep a look out for it - won't be long now!


bykray, May 11, 2010
Zoo 2 is an amazing system, but without frontend submissions, many developers will find it useless for clients that need to be able to post their own content without accessing the admin side of things. The Zoo team says it will be added when Joomla 1.6 is released.

The other thing I thought was kind of lame was the 'Free Release' with only Blog and Pages, and you have to pay 99Euro (Same Price as Zoo 1) to get anything useful out of it (the Apps). They should really sell the apps individually since 99% of purchasers are only going to use one, maybe two of them.
bykray, April 8, 2010
Report Card
While a few extra features are needed (According to the developers, they are coming too!), this is the best Testimonials extension I have used to date.

If your looking for an easy to use and implement system for testimonials or reviews, this is a great start!
bykray, September 7, 2009
RSform Pro
While there are a few things I would like to see added to the system, this is an amazing setup for doing forms quickly and easily. LOVE the plugin for reCAPTCHA, everybody that makes plyugins for Joomla should have this if their P/C/M requires people to fill out forms!

well worth the money
bykray, August 18, 2009
Vip Quotes
OK, I don't know why it took so long, but somebody finally got it. Easy, simple to use, front end additions, my god, why did this take so long!

Thanks for your hard work and clear thinking when coding this component!!!
bykray, June 20, 2008
Ninja Clicky
I had some issues right out the gate (Not to do with the module though) and the NinJoomla team was fantastic at helping me get everything up and running!

Great alternative to Google Analytics with more features!
bykray, June 16, 2008
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If I could use my current set of Sections and Categories and the content published within those, this would be the perfect Component for what I need!

Maybe future versions. Nice component though.
Owner's reply

Actually we decided not to use regular Sections/Categories because they are a little bit limiting. SimpleLists offers a different content-type which is not the same as an article.

What you're looking for is something like SimpleLists allowing you to choose different layouts for regular articles. For sure we look into solving this with SimpleLists, but I wonder if this should not be a different extensions.

bykray, May 21, 2008
XCloner-Backup and Restore
I will admin, I am horrible at maintaining backups. But XCloner has taken that worry away from me. After testing out the demo, I immediately purchased a full version of this software.

Now, both my Joomla site and my forum get backed up nightly at Midnight. Thanks for the awesome work!