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bykraymer, December 6, 2012
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I really really really liked the demo of what this module has to offer in Joomla, everything I was looking for and more. Unfortunately I am using Joomla 3 and whilst it is 'supported', it lacks the same functionality and is still a work in progress (i.e. Folder support is not yet currently available in for Joomla 3). I think it would be wise to perhaps indicate that Joomla 3 is not fully supported with the 'promoted' functionality somewhere (ie. here on on their actual website).

Whilst initial support was quick, I was also offered a refund but have decided to wait it out. There seems to be 2 parties involved here, Joomlaclub and the developer doing the support? A random out of the blue email from Joomlaclub asked how my experience was since I'd bought the module in the 'last few months', when I'd only just bought it the day before.. I provided feedback and got a nice one line reply, so just a bit of fluff and no real interest (but granted emails are easily taken out of context).

The extension itself is quite expensive, however from what it offers to older Joomla versions I think it would be very worthwhile, but it's not worth the cash (in it's current state) for Joomla 3.

This will hopefully evolve and I hope that I am doing the right thing sticking with it for now.