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Wishlist for Virtuemart
As my business grows I have less and less time to invest "exploring" the web for "hacks." VirtueMart is well known to lack lots of features and the community resources to implement hacks, hacks, and more hacks. When I do agree and implement many I know already work, sometimes wasting hours figuring a "free" solution is not worth it. Paying (meaning supporting) for a component for Joomla! saves time, enhances the chances to improve such extension, and the most important SAVES YOU TIME! This Wishlist is not only built right, it worked out of the box and it was easy to setup. I have not finished testing it 100% but boy am I happy! Rarely you see extensions that work this good. I planned already on getting this extension for ALL my VirtueMart extensions: it was that good. GOOD JOB GUYS.
bykremo5le, July 23, 2010
RSEvents has helped our company big time to get what we needed to do, the right way. What was important to use was to get a component that worked and that supplied excellent features: this one does! Also, we are satisfied with the customer service and technical support. It could be a bit faster, but it deserves at least 4 stars! In overall we are satisfied and would recommend it to our clients. Heck, we already do!