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bykry_d, December 26, 2010
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Easybook Reloaded
I love this extension, its exactly what I needed... What I love about it the best is the feature that allows you to add a paragraph to the top of the componnet, so that makes the plugin feature not necessary for me... because of the lack of a plugin, I didn't use a particular plugin... But this is great!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your time to write this review!

bykry_d, January 4, 2010
Google Maps by Reumer
Thank you for this plugin! I love it! I'm glad I found it! The only thing that I would probably like to add to it is to make showing the speech bubble as a default, like in the normal GoogleMaps. Its not a big deal, but it would be cool. Thanks once again!!
Owner's reply

Hello Kry_d, Thanks for the review and vote.
Please send me an email at my contact page with your wish and I'll look into it.

bykry_d, January 4, 2010
MP3 Browser
I think that this compenent is good for what it does. I wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but for what it says, its exactly that! Thanks for the time and effort put into this!
bykry_d, December 29, 2009
This is my very first review, and I must say that I totally love this component! It has EVERYTHING that you could possibly need to manage events! The support form is awesome. I got it installed and running with 5 minutes... while doing a seminar on how to install it! Thats how easy it is! A feature that I would like to see in the next release would be functionality for ACL to be more deeper. Apart from that, this is a number one extension for use within Joomla! I'm currently using it on one of my clients websites for their event calendar. They are a church, and I must say, this is TOTALLY a must have in that enviroment! Thanks JEvents!!