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byksfoodie, March 27, 2012
X5 Fast chat
I wanted to offer a chat window for my current joomla project and a friend told me that he had just purchased X5soft FastChat. I checked out his site and I liked what I saw. It was inobtrusive, stayed out of the users way (big issue for me with lots of chat solutions) and worked well.

I purchased the product and ran into a glitch with the download. Even though it was a weekend, the developer got back to me and I was able to download it. I installed on my Joomla site and nothing appeared. I couldn't figure out what was wrong.

I asked for support and the developer got back to me and asked for the web address and an account to use for testing. He then sent me an email with a simple change that had to be made in his code. the problem was the dark black header in my joomla template. I went it and made the easy change and suddenly Fast Chat appeared where it was supposed to be and was working.

The Fast Chat extension is a bit pricey but it is a well thought out and usefull product. Too many chat extensions use up user space and really don't look all the good. Fast Chat appears in the upper right hand corner of the template and brings up the chat window in empty space.

Fast Chat is worth the price and the support is first rate. If you've read any of my other reviews you'll know that support is equally as important as the extension itself because without it the extension could be worthless if you need help and don't get it.

This is a great Joomlal extension, done well, and will excellent support.
byksfoodie, March 21, 2012
RSSeo! Suite
I bought this extension in order to enable the process of good SEO on a new website easier to manage. It may do that, right now I'm not sure because support on this extension is so poor. I have asked explicit questions on this and even copied and pasted notices that I received from Joomla during certain processes of RSSEO. When I posted a support question, that question was literally completely ignored and I was given an answer that had nothing to do with my issue.

Finding and using quailty Joomla extensions is a great thing and I have found a few of those, but coming upon extensions that "may" be good but the developers offer terrible support just makes work harder and I don't think we need to pay to make our work harder for us.

That's why I'm giving RSSEO a fairly negative score. The product may be ok, but the support is not and that is just as critical a component as the extension itself in my opinion.
byksfoodie, March 16, 2012
I have paid for and used other blogging extensions in the past and I needed one for a new website that I have been working on. I checked out EasyBlog and it looked good from what I saw in the demo, both n function and in appearance. So, I went ahead and purchased it. I have been amazed by what I received for my money. The extensibility of EasyBlog is nothing short of incredible, able to do things that other blogging software cannot do, at least not without custom work and lots of hassle.

But a good working extension is not the only thing to consider when buying a commercial extension for Joomla (or any extension for that matter, paid or not), a major consideration has to be the timeliness and quality of support. There is simply nothing to compare with the speed, friendliness and quality of support that comes with EasyBlog. Questions are answered amazingly fast and answers are as complete as you need. Even for someone, like myself, that dabbles in Joomla and may sometimes be a tad dense, they work with you until you "have it down", literally until you get where you need to be with your work.

If only all Joomla! extension suppliers could be this good, this fast with support and offer such quality products!!
byksfoodie, February 27, 2012
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I started using YooRecipe component/modules to replace another I was using. Overall, this is a nice set of extensions. It appears to be getting active upgrades and bugs are dealt with in a reasonable time frame. It works well "out of the box" and when a bug is found the author(s) responds quickly.

I requested a modification that I needed and the estimate given for this modification was very well priced. While its not perfect, the YooRecipe Component and the accompanying modules are good value and work well.
byksfoodie, March 9, 2010
I gave this component 5 stars. For the component itself I would ordinarily give 4 stars, it works well, but like a lot of things could be better. In the future, I suspect it will only get better.

Why I gave 5 stars is because of the great support I received when I ran into php issues. I read some earlier reviews and was astounded when they wrote of bad support. One thing we have to keep in mind in reading these kinds of anonymous reviews is that we don't have the full story. My full story is that I downloaded this extension, installed it, had variable errors and asked for support. They had me up and running quickly even though the problem was not their extension but my php version.

A needed or good extension is not enough by itself. Without decent, responsive support, an extension for joomla is useless and pointless. And, I've found that there are a LOT of those around.

This one is both a very nice extension and the support is first rate.

Note - this extension can be complex to setup so reading the docs first is really necessary.

byksfoodie, December 24, 2009
Contact Enhanced Component
I was looking for a contact extension to offer more flexibility and greater security than the standard Joomla contact module. Being a total n00b with Joomla I did a lot of searching, reading,website viewing etc.

I settle on Ideal's Contact Enhanced. Being so new to Joomla I ran into issues which the author of this component quickly answered and it allowed me to get this component up and running quickly and securely.
byksfoodie, December 19, 2009
I purchased this but ran into a problem. The file I downloaded was corrupt and was unable to get another one. I contacted the author and was sent a copy via email but my email server ate that also. Finally, after a number of attempts to get the file to me, Matthias logged into my admin and installed it himself. I think he went above and beyond to help me get this going. The email issue was not his issue, but he took the time and I was impressed.

As for the extension, it was as explained. It is a HUGE timesaver and I wanted to get this going as soon as possible. My new site just went up a couple of days ago was anxious that any bots rolling through it had some metadata.

Great extension and great service. You can't ask for more and this review is here because of it.