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bykspoddar, February 28, 2010
Flexicontent just completed Joomla 1.5!

While Joomla's one of the greatest CMS, there was a problem in presenting content in the first end unless you were a techie with great php or cms skills.

Flexicontent changes all that and allows you to create multiple templates and fields for presenting content for the front end. This is the biggest advantage and you can present the content differently for different categories.

Templates - The creation and modification of templates is a breeze. Each template for a category/type is in a separate folder and you can change that without messing up the css of other templates. The creation of templates is intuitive and you can place different fields in different placeholders.

The other advantage of Flexicontent is that you can enable various plugins within any of the fields.

Creating content also became much easier with customizable fields.

As I said earlier, Flexicontent just completed Joomla by adding a nice content presentation layer. The possibilities of applications for Flexicontent is limitless and is a must for any large dynamic websites. You could actually use Flexicontent instead of Moset Tree (yes, I am using it instead of Moset Tree as I have far better control for content presentation and content creation).

Flexicontent is young but really mature. Some additions would be nice. An extension to SH404 SEF would go a long way for other webmasters to migrate to Flexicontent. ACE SEF is supported by Flexicontent but is not very stable and a lot of bad URLs are generated and you don't get any help from ACE SEF forums.

Creation of different Tags fields should also be added.

Advance search and search modules for Flexicontent are desperately needed. More plugins and modules like Google Maps will be welcome too. Front End content creation and edition is awaited as promised in Flexicontent 1.6 stable.

Flexicontent is probably the most significant and important development for Joomla 1.5.

This extension rock!
bykspoddar, April 23, 2009
News Show Pro GK4
Easy to install and easy to understand. Lot of value in terms of projecting a lot of news. However, space utilisation is not very good
bykspoddar, March 29, 2009
Its pretty much what I am looking for. Easy to use and deploy. The flexibility in the functionality can also be used for different applications.
bykspoddar, March 7, 2009
This is such a simple plugin that it is too good to be true. Works beautifully and is so easy.

I encourage the developers to add the following:
- Rounded boxes with space for headings (in a different color) and a list where the box will have a separate color.

- Modules so that separate types of css of the same style can be added

This rocks