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bykstockl, June 18, 2014
Jomsocial - K2 Integration
Bought a few days ago this Plugin to stream new articles from the News section directly to the Jomsocial PinWall.
After corresponding with the Developer Yannis he made an update to this plugin so that the articles images is now shown too in the stream.
To get perfect styling within the Jomsocial components output he will release shortly an further update of this plugin.
This plugin is a must have for website builders who uses K2 and Jomsocial on the website.
Thank´s for the great support Yannis :-)
bykstockl, April 11, 2014
As I wrote in the title, there are excellent components and extennsions for joomla.
JFBC from sourcecoast is one of that componentes which made my live easier.
And big thank´s to the excellent support. If there are any troubles with changes with the facebook api (and the are very often), Alzandar helps to resolve issues very fast.
The component is worth is cent and compatible with other components. Is use at my site - JFBC for social connect togehter with Jomsocial, K2 and Reviews for Joomla. And these components plays together like a charm.
Facebook Event
Bought this event module a few days ago. Didn´t have any problems with installation and configuring facebook cause there is also a pdf-guideline insode for the facebook settings.

The only issue I discovered was if you have enabled the picture of the event then the link didn´t open in new window.

So I wrote to the support and got a very qick answer from sundeep. He fixed this in less an hour. :-)

The next I did was to write suggestions for the next versions of this fast and excellent module. Sundeep implemented the most of them in the last two days at my website.

This wasn´t my first component or module I bought but it was the first time I got quick, friendly and professionell support. Keep on the good work :-)

Thank´s a lot
Karl Stöckl
(Austria - Europe)