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The mistake I made....I had gone through only the first review and was frightened because I am not an expert in these things and have no idea about any scripting language. I had tried all the other menu systems, but found one problem or the other. Finally, I decided to give this a trial too. And God! I was astonished with the simplicity, the extensive formatting capabilities and ease of instructions provided.
I can't understand the people who claim to be experts in Programming languages and haven't been able to configure this. No offence meant! But, believe me, I am new to this and do not know any other programming or scripting language. But, this was the easiest and the best I found around.
The instructions provided were the best which I haven't observed in any other components or modules. IF anyone find this difficult to use, I advise them to stay away from Joomla altogether.
The only thing I felt bad about was that I had taken the words of a few negative reviews instead of reading all the reviews and had wasted a lot of time trying out the other modules/components.
Believe me, this had been very easy to configure and I was able to tweak it to the exact look I needed. Go ahead and try this out, folks.
Thanks to the Developers for providing this for Free! So, some of the best things do come for Free!
Thank you.