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byku0g, December 31, 2010
At first this little module was cute and we had several positive comments but when we tried to disable mod_snowfalling the snow just kept right on falling! Even removing it from the server and the cache the snow just keeps on falling... This is NOT good. Have searched everywhere we can think of to find where the script got hidden to no avail! NOT ready for prime-time, IMHO!!! No way to contact Marcel84 to get a fix or to get help resolving the problem...
Owner's reply

Dear ku0g, I waited ten days from when this your rewiew has been published on this site (January, 17) to see if you would correct your criticism, also as a result of emails that occurred between us. Nothing of this!
Therefore I'm allowed to write my version. You have contacted me the first time on December 31, 2010, followed by other six email to which I replied always promptly. I've tried immediately to solve your problems that didn't depend by my module snowfalling, but from another similar module that you haven't been able to completely uninstall (just read the source of your home page). In my emails I've shown this to you beyond a reasonable doubt! I gave you much of my time. Since January 2 your problem is fully solved.