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bykwoychesko, July 16, 2014
We are using this extension on a corporate intranet site (Windows Server, IIS, MySQL, Active Directory). Installation was very easy and configuration is not difficult either.
We were having an issue with Single Sign-On and the developer (Shaun) helped us immensely with the troubleshooting and discovered that the issue was actually with a totally unrelated extension. Fantastic support!
Latest News+ Date
I really like this extension, unfortunately I can't use it because it only supports using the default image directory -- you cannot use your own directory.

Support is via a basic forum on, and the developer is pretty responsive to posts -- much better than a lot of others I've seen so good job!

I've evaluated a lot of Latest News-type modules and like this one the best except for the one problem that you can't use a non-default image folder.
bykwoychesko, March 5, 2012
JW Player Advanced
I am absolutely loving this player! Also, the support has been fantastic: I've been trying some pretty complex stuff via adaptive bitrate streaming with fallback from Flash to HTML5 (and vice versa) and my questions have been answered even on the weekend. That's class!!! They have done an excellent job creating this module.
bykwoychesko, October 2, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
I've been putting this product through its paces, and I'm continually impressed: very well designed, unmatched quality of documentation, and definitely unmatched quality of support! The forum moderators have thoughtful and helpful suggestions within minutes sometimes. Amazing.

The product works exactly the way you would expect it to, and has been very well-designed. The company is responsive to feature requests and user input.

Kudos to Acyba for a great product--and thanks for the great support!
bykwoychesko, October 2, 2010
AcyMailing CB
This is one of the tightest and most well-thought-out integrations I have ever seen. It is definitely the best-supported I've ever seen: the forum moderators are often back with thoughtful and educated answers within an hour, sometimes a minute or so!

As I explore the module, it's tight integration with Community Builder continues to amaze me. It works like you expect it to work, including seamlessly handling the conversion of your users from "visitor subscribers" to "site members" without duplicating or losing their subscription information.

Excellent job--and thanks for the great support!
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Great product from what seems to be a great developer who "gets it". Thanks BigShot!