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bykzahray, October 30, 2013
AJAX Scroller
Overall, I like this extension. It works and is pretty easy to use, but there are a few limitations that you may want to be aware of before you purchase.

The thing that most annoyed me about this is that there is an option to display your slides in a random order, but this doesn't work. On the support forum, they say that the random order is different on different computers, but this is not what most people want when they want a random order. I wanted the order to be different each time you visit the site, but that can't be done with this extension.

Also, be aware that you have to set a specific size for the scroller (in pixels). You can't have it adjust to fit any screen, even if you edit the css. I also don't think there is that much you can do to change the look of the scroller without editing the css.

All that said, this extension has still been useful for me. I'm no expert and have only used it on one site, but I just thought it might help someone out to know these things before purchasing.