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I really have to hand it to the cart. It could be totally seamless and the features as far as inventory options and shipping integration are very good.

There are two key issues that (unfortunately) forced me to choose another option. I didn't want to because this cart IS so very promising with tons of potential.

1. There needs to be an allowance for more than one product image. Of course a merchant can always find a way to creatively do this, not a big problem, really.

2. This one is big -- to me :)-- The user registration at checkout forces the customer to leave the site, and then confirm their registration after they have shopped and gone half way though the checkout process. I think the entire point in having a seamless solution like this is so that it's seamless. I personally like the registration process but a simple continue checkout button, allowing them to complete the order and get their info afterward would help with cart/sale abandonment.

It's a good free feature and I do see the longterm potential.