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byladyweave, September 12, 2012
DT Register
I've been working in event registration since the early 90s ... from everything on paper through custom databases up through 7 different types of online registration programs. That includes a couple of the big-name subscription systems. DT REGISTER takes care of everything those would do and more. The groups I work with (some commercial but mostly non-profit) have ever-increasing demands for data gathering and reporting. DT REGISTER is the only system I've found that handles all of this well.

My favorite features:
- multiple and configurable display options
- connect register now button to articles or JEvent entries
- takes advantage of Joomla permissions to allow multiple users to manage selected aspects (like csv exports only)
- FRONT END management
- paid AND unpaid events, making DT REGISTER the only calendar you need
- video tutorials
- live webinars
- ongoing development

DT REGISTER is a snap to install and get running. I'm an experienced Joomla builder but no coder. When I was considering some coding for customization, support pointed out where I could change settings to get the display I wanted.

DT REGISTER is so powerful and complex, I highly recommend reading the documentation, which is excellent. I've also viewed several of their video tutorials and participated in a webinar. That was the most helpful - Nathan was able to answer specific questions.

Simple events are easy to set up; complex events require more time, thought and study, but turn out to be a smooth experience for the end-user.

The only things DT REGISTER doesn't do are print the nametags, and walk the dog.

Well worth the very reasonable price!
byladyweave, December 14, 2011
Admin Tools
Admin Tools Core installs and runs smooth as silk. I've begun replacing the old goodie jupdate on my newer 1.7 sites and have begun to do the same with my 1.5's. I agree, pair it with Akeeba Backup!