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bylaertsky, October 20, 2014
This is not the first review NoNumber, but I come back to this manufacturer again and again. What makes NoNumber, namely active Slider is absolutely incredible and convenient! Truly facilitates work and helps to make a very beautiful and functional sliders.

Separately want to see the highest level of support. Response speed is impressive, and I was not left alone with the question as long as I fully got what he wanted. Thanks for the great work to expand and for the excellent support !!!
bylaertsky, September 27, 2014
I am very grateful to the support of Peter, I absolutely love this level of support which is rarely seen. Great! The application itself is fully consistent with my needs!
bylaertsky, September 19, 2014
Perfect  Popup Box
App is fantastic! I loved the features of the module, use it on almost all the sites. Some time ago, I had a question on the use of, and I contacted customer support. Support specialists do everything possible and impossible to solve my problem and as a result all agreed! I am very grateful for the excellent support and for the wonderful module! Well done !!!
bylaertsky, June 13, 2014
2J Slideshow
Another great component for Joomla! Very easy to work with this app, everything is logical and understandable. Still, I like the
support for any treatment they react instantly, always prompt, and then finalize and if there are problems. Excellent!
bylaertsky, April 6, 2014
Migrate Me
I tried a huge number migration extensions. And never, I would like to emphasize, never did a different extension migrate my site properly, the site was never really correct.

Usually the admin broke, and the categories, I lost users, and then links didn't work... I got very tired of the endless search for a good migration component. But then I bought Migrate Me and I was amazed at how it works, it is a miracle! It migrates everything! Very quickly efficiently, correctly!

Exactly as I wanted. A couple of times I had difficulties and I asked for support, the response of the support came in a few hours, very fast! And when I didn't know what to do I sent the support a login, and they fixed everything perfectly!

Migrate Me is a salvation for all who have not yet had time to move to 2.5 (which is necessary...)
bylaertsky, March 13, 2014
Component is awesome! For small and medium-sized stores it fits just right. Very reasonable price, very fast support! Weight languages. Appearing recently, store functionality and capabilities already walked so many centenarians market. We wish the manufacturer does not stop success, and go as fast forward! Super!
bylaertsky, March 10, 2014
OS Property
Do not first real estate agency, already tried a lot of different, but after OS I realized that just do not come up with better. Component is nearly perfect))) I was impressed by speed support, very helpful and fast! I highly recommend this to all components - it solves all problems!
bylaertsky, February 26, 2014
2J Content Gallery
Great extension. Have used many other "galleries" extensions the past year and this is my favorite - well worth the
money. I have had very positive experiences with other extensions by 2Joomla as well. Support is great!
bylaertsky, February 26, 2014
2J Gallery
It's just a terrific product! Perhaps the best gallery of all that we have. Rapid support, huge adjustability! Use it on almost all my projects - no glitches or problems. Super!
bylaertsky, May 23, 2013
Smart Slider 2
It is absolutely magical expansion! An incredible opportunity, and lightning support! SUPER!!!
bylaertsky, April 2, 2013
SI Image Content Scroller
Excellent software and excellent support! Big thanks to the developers for their sensitivity and responsiveness to your questions! Done! Thank you! (sorry for bad english)
bylaertsky, September 13, 2011
This component is turned all the concepts of comfort and convenience of use. After trying a large number of similar components, stopped on BreezingForms. Possible components of shock! I like the opportunity to Classic Mode - You can create everything. Enumerate all the advantages of it is simply impossible.

When contacting support, got an answer almost instantly. By all measures, a component of wins!

We wish the developers did not lower the bar of quality and functionality!