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bylamarp, June 23, 2009
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VideoWhisper conference
I purchased this software a week ago. It still isn't working. I have submitted emails and trouble tickets and still have not gotten a response. The software has excellent features and documented on the product's site. I was using another webcam program and was excited about features such as uploading video for visitors to my site and having the ability to ban users from chat rooms. It sounded so good, I immediately purchased the software. Installation was most difficult. Support is almost the worst I have encountered! So I am stuck with software that does not meet the needs of my site and developers who seem unconcerned about service after purchase. I hope someone else will provide the features noted in this software and provide technical support to ensure the enuser is pleased!
Owner's reply

1. The software can be downloaded and installed for free. By ordering a commercial license all limitations (including ad panel) are removed from license server - the software is the same and does not need to be updated.
2. The rest of the comment doesn't make sense: installation was difficult but it isn't working? We offer free installation with each purchase as long as your host meets the requirements. We also offer managed hosting - meaning we setup everything including the rtmp application. Please double check that you are indeed our customer because you also mention another similar product in your comments. Include your domain and order number in your tickets and use the same email used for ordering to avoid confusions and get fast answers.