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bylancernz, June 19, 2014
My Social Timeline
Silly me made it hard by not following the pre-install instructions properly. After that - yes it does all that's described. Plus the support is prompt (and helped me past my error).
bylancernz, November 21, 2013
Auto onPageLoad Popup
Aside from the clever, useful and functional software they go right out of their way to ensure it works perfectly - period.
Always helpful, prompt and friendly support is reassuring when you're providing a site people depend on.
bylancernz, August 24, 2013
Social Fancy Sliders
This was so easy to enable and customise - and makes for a very smart site. Worth every cent!
bylancernz, April 4, 2013
Ignite Gallery
Sometimes it's worth spending a few dollars to get something that does what you want.
It's easy to configure and a breeze to populate - in all sorts of configurations. I've already saved the purchase cost in ease of setup.
bylancernz, August 1, 2011
Yireo SSL Redirection
After all the mods - this is the easiest way to implement SSL in to a portion of your Joomla! site. Oh if I had of searched the extension directory earlier.
bylancernz, June 6, 2011
Royal Gallery
It ticks a lot of boxes as far as being able to display unlimited images, with text captioning and hyperlinking. Unlike others (that didn't work anyway), this only took a few minutes before it was working. A bit of tweaking and it was perfect.
bylancernz, November 17, 2010
I've tried others but nothing came close to the functionality, ease of use and end result DJ Image Slider has in one simple package. Perfect!
bylancernz, July 15, 2010
Does as it claims, which is a big point these days. Once you've got it working the sky is the limit as far as setting up goes. Few quirky issues that can un-stick you from it working smoothly - but that's part of your own personalising. A great tool and really appreciate that it's free. Totally support your efforts! I'll even add you to my PayPal donate list.