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bylancert, November 30, 2011
Spearhead Facebook Like Button
Very easy to set up and configure. Thanks for a great module!
bylancert, October 4, 2010
css2switch Basic
Kudos to the developers of CSS2Switch! It's an amazing piece of well written software and works like a charm. Thanks!
bylancert, May 14, 2010
This makes K2/JCE work together by allowing you to build links within JCE to K2 content items.

Thanks for creating it!
bylancert, April 3, 2010
Amazing! K2 adds so much functionality and new features it's hard to describe. It's like Joomla on steroids. Check it out!
Add to Menu
I've been missing this feature from Joomla 1.0 and I was wondering why it wasn't included in 1.5 and now it is! Awesome! This extension will save TONS of time.
bylancert, December 11, 2007
I have been reluctant to put photo galleries into my client's sites because there hasn't been any that have really worked all that well and I've tried most of them. I tried RS Gallery a long time ago and had given up on it too...

But I decided to give it another try and wow, I'm impressed! Very professional and feature rich. It's not too complicated (I'm looking at you Gallery2) and it integrates seamlessly into Joomla and becomes part of your site. I did have to use a nightly build version to rid this release of some of the bugs but it works great!

Hats off to the developers and I'm sure with the skills you've demonstrated so far, RS Gallery is only going to get better and better in the future!
bylancert, September 7, 2007
This is one of the coolest eye-candy mambots for Joomla! Easy to use, and install and coupled with the JCE HTML editor plugin, it adds an incredible amount of polish & professionalism to your site!

Thanks to the developers for this mambot/plugin!

bylancert, March 22, 2006
All I can say is WOW! I had been bummed because 1.03 quit working (at least for me) with the latest verisons of Mambo and Joomla. I happened to check to see if there was a newer version, and viola! 1.04 is out!

I immediately downloaded & installed it and was completely blown away! 1.04 shifts much of the cool features out to plugins which gives you the ability to limit features if needed.

This is an amazing upgrade that EVERY one who uses Joomla should install immediately!

I vote that JCE be included into the core of the next Joomla release. It's that good. Really!

Thanks to Ryan (and anyone else who helps him), for the incredible work and contribution JCE is to the Joomla community.