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bylanded, May 24, 2013
obSuggest - Uservoice for Joomla
Could be a good component but the support seems to be missing in action. a month now without contact from the twitter or direct email and support tickets.
ITPSocial Buttons
Use as a plugin is great - the styles also suit whatever you could need. I think the paid ones are too expensive for what they are this one proves it !

Easy to set up and configure I needed no support.
Pros: Great Support, Massive Configurability
Cons: Its high level of config means there is a big setup time. Consider the amount of information a hotel or tour needs to actually be a proper listing then you should need this anyway. Bite the bullet and do it properly configuration for each property takes time. If you have the marketing and power to get the owners submit their own property then a lot of work will be done already. However they wont understand some things straight away so expect a need to help them out. Configuring tarrifs has been made to cope with pretty much any eventuality.

However the massive support and great documentation is there for you so just realise how good this component is.
Use it to book things by date it can be configured !
I thoroughly recommend this product if you want to book things by date.

This would be a great thing for an owner to take bookings on their own site and save lots of money.
Owner's reply

Thanks so much for the review, it's very much appreciated.