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bylane751969, May 5, 2009
Documents Seller
Love this component. There were a few technical problems - hopefully the developer has updated to address these few little bugs. Developer is very responsive and willing to help until you're happy.

I was able to set up 300+ files for download with payment thru Paypal in one day - and I'm no pro.

Great support, very nice component. A great value.
bylane751969, April 21, 2009
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
Installed very easily, worked right out of the box. I did have a small problem in one browser - turned out it was a problem on my site. The developer was very responsive and helped me troubleshoot. The look and feel of the FAQ is smooth, sleek, uncluttered, and a definite asset to any site. Another nice thing is that you use your text editor to write the questions, so any style or format changes you can do in a typical article can go into your FAQ.

The only feature I don't see is the ability to have more than one category of FAQ without having another menu item. I only want to have 1 FAQ menu item, so I think I can only have one category, with no way to divide the FAQ into subjects. It would be cool if a future version was based on a Section rather than a Category list.

Thanks - good work on this!
bylane751969, April 3, 2009
So easy to install and really really helpful. The documentation on the site was great for setup.
bylane751969, September 2, 2008
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Google Currency Converter
Thanks for this module - it's just what we needed. Works great right out of the box, and the instructions for customizing each part of the module are very helpful. Thank you!
bylane751969, September 2, 2008
Pro Sticky Message
Very nice! User friendly, looks good, works right out of the box. Thanks for sharing your work!
bylane751969, April 5, 2008
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Works right out of the box, and very easy to install - great documentation. Works great for 1.5. Thank you for sharing your work!