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bylaplatakid, May 9, 2012
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Beware: While the non-commercial SubiPro component seems to be very powerful, there is absolutely NO support from the developers unless you purchase a subscription. No, not even a FAQ for basic help. There is a public forum where the user community will give some support.

That said, the component seems to be very powerful and seems to have many extensions available. Unfortunately, there is an extremely steep learning curve. It also looks like you have to learn a new language (XSL) to customize much of the component.

Adding a basic manual or FAQ would go a long way toward improving this product.
bylaplatakid, August 28, 2008
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Security Images
I downloaded the component RC1) for Jooomla 1.5.x and it installed without difficulty. Then tried installing the patch for Joomla 1.5.6 and quit after concluding that I needed to overwrite what seem to be core Joomla 1.5 files in a number of directories (administrator/components/com_contact/contact_items.xml for example). Fortunately, I had renamed the original files so I could just change them back.

I then went to uninstall the package and ended up with two errors relating to being unable to remove tables from the database so I'm not sure the extension ever installed properly.

Lastly, it appears that support for Security Images is exceedingly limited. The documentation is essentially nonexistent and the support forum has four threads dating back to 2006. The latest thread, dated sometime in August 2008, has gone unanswered.
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Not true, I can not respond in less than 2 days...sometimes I can, sometimes not...

The forum contains:
2251 Posts in 598 Topics by 854 Members.

770 post being from!

The wiki is here for that and it is quite complete:

I did start tagging articles on my homepage to help people finding waht they are searching for..result twice more traffic

Not bad isnt'it? ;-)

bylaplatakid, December 5, 2007
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JCal Pro
I've installed JCal Pro on our church's Joomla website twice and both times it's created serious problems. The entire site locks up when the church's secretary is adding events to the calendar. Don't know why or how.

The last time this happened, about a week ago, logs showed that one of the processes used by JCal Pro ([/index.php?optioncom_jcalpro&Itemid3&extmodeday&date200])) was using well over 50% of the server's CPU resources and 7% of the available memory (almost 1 GB). This shut the entire server down almost continuously over a period of several hours until JCal Pro was removed from the system. We've had no problems since then.

On the positive side, JCal Pro is a snap to set up and really looks great. I just wish I could trust it to work properly and not lock the system.
Owner's reply

You are using an obsolete version. I recommend an upgrade to the latest stable version.