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bylastboyscout, January 18, 2009
Although it's a promising module and having nice specs it was a real pain in the I was searching for an simple way to display items where people could make their shopping(cart)list from. Installation went ok, but immediately noticed that much was half translated in German. Couldn't even start using it because of unresolvable php-errors in the settings-panel and the add-product panel. Maybe because I'm up2date with my joomla install (J! v1.5.9, PHP v5.2 and Mysql v5) it didn't even let me start testing things.
The website is fully in German (but not realy a problem for me), the forum is deserted as the maker does rarely respond to mentioned problems of users. So, a total bummer for me. I'll have to switch to VM although it is way over-dimensioned for me.....
Owner's reply

Hello Lastboyscout

we can not understand what are you speaking about. Many Shops are allready installed and working fine. What was the problem? Friendly speaking it looks like an advertising for a competitive shop ... We hope that users test them self and are not affraid because of those feedback.

Hope you write what problems you had exact. Maybe you even send us a screenshot of your problem.